Feeling Stressed? What Really Is Stress?

Definition of Stress and How It Affects You

Many people wonder what stress really is? It certainly has become a popular term today. Everyone is so stressed out. By definition, stress is the effect of certain stimuli which trigger both a mental and physical response. Or, it can be defined as the stimuli which causes the body to respond in a certain way.

However you look at it, you might want to know that it is something that affects everyone differently and some people become easily overloaded with feeling stressed. This is the time you have to find some form of stress relief.

In order to properly define stress, it might be necessary to explain the response the body has to feeling stressed and then take a look at the factors which cause it.

Body Reaction To Stressors

The reaction of the body to stressors is something which we cannot avoid. It’s a chemical reaction which is triggered by the fight or flight response to stimuli. This is an instinct that every animal has and it’s usually in response to dangerous situations.

When this ingrained response occurs, the body makes a shot of adrenaline, which heightens the senses, causes the heart to beat a little bit faster, the blood vessels to constrict, and the blood to circulate in our body in a much faster rate.

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This sudden change allow us to perform feats that we could never have done normally in an effort to save a life should the situation warrant it.

This response to stress can cause the body to react by tensing the muscles and readying the body to act. This reaction to stress is thought to actually be good for you in small bursts, but over time, this response can have a negative effect on the health and well being of an individual.

What Causes Stress?

Different people find that different things cause them stress. For example, some people find that keeping up with a tight schedule and not being able to get everything done can cause them to feel stressed. When people feel like they are ineffective or drowning in all that they are expected to do, it can cause serious stress reactions and actually cause people to suffer from being ineffective.

Others find that money is their undoing, and experience extreme amounts of stress whenever their accounts dip below a certain dollar amount. This type of stress will cause a person to work harder than they might need to because they are seeking the ever elusive financial freedom.

Many people find that family problems can also cause them to begin feeling stressed. Dealing with the problems, needs and emotions of children and spouses and struggling to keep everyone happy can take its toll on the average working parent.

No matter what it is that you find causes you stress, it’s important to learn to manage it and keep your body healthy so that you can balance all the different aspects of your daily life. If you feel like you’re drowning, now is the time to seek stress management techniques and learn to take control of your stress levels and the things which cause you to feel stressed on a daily basis.

Time management and balance are the key factors in managing stress. Figure out the things that are really important and essential to your life, and prioritize them. Tackle one problem at a time, do not try to be a superhero who wants to solve everything in just one sweep because you are not…and most importantly, always find time to relax and enjoy a day away from things that causes you stress.

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