Effective Tips on How to Manage Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are sudden and unexpected sensations of fear and anxiety, experienced by the body due to a misunderstanding of normal situations in life. These panic episodes often last for a few minutes and are associated with symptoms, such as increased heart rate, giddiness and shortness of breath.

In order to completely infer as to how to overcome panic attacks, it is vital that we understand the nuances of panic attacks in detail. Panic attacks occur due to overstress, incomprehensible fear and catastrophically misconceived thoughts.

Here are five effective techniques that will help to overcome panic attacks.

Educate Yourself on Panic Attacks

It is critical to understand that the panic attack is just the result of formidable thoughts and misinterpretation of the normal scenarios in life. If you have an attack these attacks are not life-threatening. If you understand how to overcome panic attacks, you can easily get rid of this health problem.

Panic attacks induce the release of epinephrine within the body. This in turn stimulates flight/fight responses which paves way to versatile psychological reactions within the human system. The formidable thoughts, fearful sensation and psychological symptoms being vicious tend to worsen the mental balance of the patient in the long run.

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Acceptance and endurance to rise up and face the challenge can help you to overcome these attacks easily.

Utile Physical Remedies

Relaxing your mind and soul can bring in a sense of tranquility in you. Aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies prove to be useful in treating acute stress and unwanted fear. A healthy dietary plan combined with aerobic exercises can bring in a sense of peacefulness. Meditation is yet another effective remedy that can help you in this regard. Belly breathing techniques are very helpful in defending against panic attacks.

Medications Can Help

You can opt to take medicines after a discussion with your health care professional. However, the medicines prescribed for panic and anxiety disorders are usually anti-depressants and beta blockers. They have the tendency to control your sensations and provide only temporary relief. Though they are instantaneously effective, they are prone to give rise to harmful side effects if taken periodically and on a long term. If taken, ensure that this is done in association with the physical remedies and cognitive therapy discussed here.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT refers to the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This behavioral technique is a permanent solution to the question on how to overcome panic attacks. A therapist can help you overcome your mental fears. Though this would take some time, this regimen is the preferred treatment methodology that is in vogue for treating panic attacks effectively.


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