Do You Suffer From Anxiety and Panic Attack

If you have ever suffered from a panic attack, you’ll know how horrible it is. Your heart might be racing, your palms might be sweating and you may experience chest pains, shaking and, sometimes, you can even wind up having paranoid thoughts. Once in a while we know exactly what triggered our panic attacks, and other times, we have no clue why we had one. One thing is certain, though, once you have one bout with anxiety, you can repeat the experience if you don’t know how to cure your anxiety.

In order to really free yourself of anxiety and the panic attacks that often go with it, it’s important to know a couple of things about the anxious state of mind. For instance, are you a nervous person by nature? Do you always think of the “worst case scenario”? Do you know how to effectively push your stress right out of your body instead of holding it in?

You may not even realize that you suffer from anxiety, but there are ways that you can find out if you do. For instance, does every little thing that happened at work during the day keep you up at night? Do you find yourself constantly worrying about every conversation you had with every co-worker? Are you the one who comes up with far fetched scenarios, such as the end of the world and obsess about them until it feels as if you’ll die of fear and not knowing what will happen? These are all symptoms of anxiety, which in itself is frustrating, but can be dealt with on your own most of the time. A panic attack is what happens when your body has had too much anxiety for too long.

See, when a person suffers from anxiety, they are constantly putting their bodies at a heightened state of awareness. Instinctively, we hit the fight or flight mode. In individual doses, this can be a good response, as it triggers a burst of adrenaline to spread throughout the body. This is what can make us run faster, think more quickly and respond better in a crisis. However, for people who suffer from constant anxiety, the mind is constantly giving out a dose of adrenaline, even though we don’t have any need for it. Too much adrenaline can cause a panic attack. Sometimes, when your body releases adrenaline, you can actually feel it. Some feel it as a rush through the body which can make your fingers and toes tingle. Others experience what they describe as almost a wave rushing through their body. They might say it feels as if they are going numb from head to toe. For many people, adrenaline is something that they can’t get enough of. For a person who suffers from anxiety, the problem isn’t getting enough of it, but getting away from it.

Now that you know this, you should also know that it is possible to not only talk yourself out of that adrenaline rush but also avoid panic attacks that can come with excessive amounts of anxiety. You just have to know how to do it. The first thing you should know about easing your anxiety is that you can dare a panic attack to come to you and never face another one again. The simple reason for this is that you are the one who brings your panic attack about; or rather your anxiety of having a panic attack is what triggers it.

So, your first step in easing your anxiety and curing your panic attacks is to “invite it” in. By doing this, you are letting go of your fear that you might suffer from anxiety that causes a physical response and you will be ten steps closer to eliminating panic attacks forever.

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