Are You Dealing With Teenage Depression?

Teenage Depression and Anxiety

During our adolescent years we go through a lot, what with hormonal fluctuations, bullying and peer pressure. It is no wonder that some people suffer with teenage depression and anxiety.

What if it is your child?

Some parents dismiss the signs of teen depression as normal parts of growing up but the truth is that this can be a very dangerous condition for young people, and should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent serious problems.

Teenage Depression Symptoms

If you have a teenage child, you have to be extra vigilant about suspicious behavioral changes because these may be indications of depression in your teen.

One of the most common signs that you should look out for is a sudden lack of interest in activities that he had previously found to be very enjoyable.

Here are a few typical signs of teenage depression:

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  • Lack of interest in sports and poor performance in school work and activities
  • Sudden increase or decrease in appetite (can also be anorexia nervosa or bulimia)
  • Sadness, anger and frequent crying
  • Feelings of hopelessness and being worthless
  • Changes in sleeping habits and feeling tired
  • Drop in self-esteem and frequent mood swings.

Of course, there are some teens who are naturally not interested in sports or have been very picky eaters since they were children.

If these changes have suddenly occurred during adolescence, the symptoms may indicate that your teen has fallen into a case of depression.

You may be able to talk to them about their problems, but some parents find that their child is not willing to open up to them, so professional help should be sought.

Possible Causes

Several studies have been conducted on the possible causes of this condition, and some of these studies have reported links between depression and obesity. Teenagers who are obese tend to be picked on a lot in school and are therefore more likely to go into depression than kids of average weight.

We all know that the teenagers can be very cruel to their peers. Oftentimes, the taunts and teases thrown about by these teens are just results of their own insecurities but even so, they can cause a lot of damage in the feelings of other people. It is therefore our job as parents to show constant support to our children in order to protect them from potential psychological damage.

What Can You Do?

It is extremely important to seek help for your teen immediately. It is recommended you seek the help of professionals, so visit your doctor and get the advise and referrals you may need.

For serious cases there may be need for professional therapy or medication. Be aware though that medications do come with side effects, so know what they are before you agree.

For milder help, there are also natural calming formulas to help children and teens.

Nevertheless, proper treatment should be given so that the teenager can recover and not take the depression with him all the way into adulthood.

Teen depression can be treated and if you have a good relationship with your child you are one step closer to helping them overcome their problem.

In fact many problems can be solved simply by making the time to really talk to your child, so that they do not feel alone. You can be a big help in your child’s life, even a young teenager’s. A parent’s support is often what they need most…yet often feel they are not getting.

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