Dealing With Manic Depression

Manic Phases and Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms

Also known as bipolar disorder, manic depression is a mental condition where a person alternately goes between a manic and depressive state, with stages of normalcy in between. During the normal stages, a manic depressive person may seem perfectly healthy and show no traces of the condition at all.

Each manic or depressive stage may last from just a few minutes to several days at a time. Living with depression or someone showing different stages, makes it difficult to identify right away.

Common Signs and Symptoms

The most frequent tell-tale sign of manic depression is the rapidly fluctuating moods of the individual, which oftentimes happen for no apparent reason. One moment they may be deliriously happy and then suddenly fall into a depressed stupor.

Manic Phase

When the person is in the manic phase, he may appear ecstatic and brimming with energy. He will talk very fast nonstop, almost to the point of stumbling over his words in his desire to say too much too fast. He will also be constantly looking for something to do because he can’t keep still for a long time.

Depression Phase

On the other hand, the depression phase couldn’t be more different. The person will look very sad or stressed out. He will probably refuse to go out in public and might also skip meals due to the loss of appetite. The shift between the manic and depressive stages may be abrupt, which can be quite unsettling to witness, or it may pass through a brief period of being normal in between.

Extreme cases of manic depression can be identified immediately because the symptoms will be quite visible to anyone but the not so severe cases can go undiagnosed for several years. If the condition does not prevent the person from living a normal life, it may seem alright to ignore it. However, many cases get worse over time if not given the proper treatment so it is still advisable to see a specialist as soon as the earliest symptoms become noticeable.

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Manic Depression Treatment Options

The most commonly used remedy for manic depression is the use of prescription medication. These medications are particularly helpful for people who are prone to frequent manic attacks. But most experts agree that the best treatment for the condition is to undergo psychiatric therapy, as this does not involve the use of any artificial chemicals and also has a very high success rate.

You may also consult your doctor about alternative remedies like the use of herbal depression medications and the benefits of aromatherapy.

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