Dealing With A Panic Attack Disorder

Anxiety and Panic Attack Treatments Help To Overcome The Problem

If you have a panic attack disorder it is different to someone just having a panic attack reaction once in a while. In a life-threatening situation, anyone will have a panic reaction that consists of rapid, shallow breathing, intense anxiety and increased heart rate.

These episodes are abrupt, and usually there are no specific triggers. They are just a natural reaction to a specific instance.

Panic Attack Symptoms

However, this disorder is one of the most distressing conditions that someone can experience. The symptoms of panic attack disorder can last for approximately half an hour, but at times, it can be as short as just a few seconds. There is no specific time frame. Panic attack begins abruptly, and includes chest sensations, tingling, and anxiousness. These attacks are not pleasant, and is an adaptive response to any immediate and clear danger.

For a person suffering from panic attack disorder, the reaction occurs at the inappropriate times when there is no apparent danger. Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor and benzodiazepine families are quite effective in treating panic attack disorder, and are approved by FDA.

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The first most important thing is to get out of the guilt. For most people, the attacks become worse when they start blaming themselves for their shortcomings. It is essential for the sufferer to understand the emotional factors contributing to developing symptoms, and then use the relaxation techniques to deal with the situation.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent panic attacks, but getting the treatment can reduce the frequency, and make the attacks less severe. The problem with panic attack disorder is that no one else around you can understand or realize what the suffering can be like. As the symptoms of this disorder are quite similar to those of heart attack, it is essential to get yourself evaluated.

Therapy and Treatment For Panic Attacks

To treat panic attack disorder, cognitive-behavioral therapy is highly successful as well as anxiety medications. In terms of medications, there are also natural anxiety and panic attack supplements, such as Provanax, which is a tri-mode formulation, to increase serotonin, dopamine and cortisol levels.

With the help of panic attack treatments and therapies, you can restore your peace of mind. In addition to getting the treatment, it is also important that you get sufficient sleep so that you can relax and de-stress. If you are able to find a way to experience stress relief, even by using deep breathing techniques, you may be able to help control your anxiety and panic attacks.

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