Attention Deficit Disorder Teen Symptoms and Signs

What Are The Signs of ADD/ADHD In Adolescents?

Attention deficit disorder and also ADHD, is most commonly diagnosed in childhood, since this is when symptoms are most likely to appear. However, some do not receive a diagnosis of this disorder until adolescence or as an adult.

There are a number of attention deficit disorder teen symptoms that might show up at home and school that would lead parents to a doctor for a diagnosis.

ADD Symptoms Exhibited At School

Attention deficit disorder is rather broad and encompasses many different potential behaviors, there may be a variety of ADD/ADHD causes and symptoms. Students with this disorder are often characterized by disorganization and an inability to stay on task to finish assignments. They may have trouble focusing on directions and following through with them accurately.

Other attention deficit disorder teen symptoms might include frequently losing or forgetting homework and assignments and difficulty paying attention in class. Some students are inaccurately diagnosed with a learning disability rather than ADD because the symptoms for both are very similar.

ADD Teen Symptoms At Home

Many attention deficit disorder teen symptoms may be seen at home, such as changing from one activity to another, rarely finishing any of them. They may be easily distracted, even from activities and tasks they enjoy. Teens with ADD may interrupt others when talking or blurt out the answers to questions before the question is completely asked. It may be difficult for these teens to sit still, without fidgeting or moving around in their seats. Other attention deficit disorder teen symptoms include chattiness and difficulty sitting quietly for an extended period of time.

In some cases, parents may be the first to notice attention deficit disorder teen symptoms. In other situations, a teacher may be the first to comment on difficulties the teen is facing. Parents and teachers need to work together to determine whether the teen has a legitimate disorder that requires a trip to the doctor for a diagnosis. This can be hard to do with a teenager who might be distracted by hormones or naturally rebellious, since some of the behaviors associated with these issues can mimic attention deficit disorder teen symptoms.

It is best to determine precisely how many symptoms are appearing and whether the symptoms are intense enough to get in the way of the teen’s daily life or performance at school. In these cases, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about their ADD symptoms you are seeing to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Once diagnosed, there are also ADD supplements and natural ADHD treatments available.

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