Are You Dealing With Social Anxiety?

Your Social Anxiety Symptoms Can Be Treated Naturally

Are you having to deal with the anxiety and stress that social anxiety delivers? It is not unusual to feel somewhat anxious or apprehensive about meeting new people in social settings. However, those suffering with social anxiety take that mild apprehension to a whole new level.

Overcome Social Anxiety

People with social anxiety actually change the way they live to accommodate their intense stress and fear. If you have never suffered with this phobia, you may find it understand how people can be so afraid. It is a very real fear and one that needs to be treated.

Social Anxiety Symptoms

Social anxiety may present in a number of ways, with different symptoms affecting people in different ways. The main symptom of the disorder is an irrational fear of social situations or activities, because you fear others are watching or judging you.

Another common symptom is the fear that you will embarrass yourself in front of other people. Those fears will eventually result in an unwillingness to participate in different kinds of social activities, so you can protect yourself from that embarrassment.

In addition to the general, irrational fear of people and social situations, physical symptoms can also accompany social anxiety. Some of these physical signs might include heart palpitations, profuse sweating, stomach upset and trembling. Those suffering with the disorder might also find their voice shakes and they have difficulty making eye contact with those around them.

Suffering With Low Self-Esteem and Self Worth

When you deal with social anxiety, you often also have to grapple with self esteem issues and the inability to accept any type of criticism. A person with social anxiety often knows that there is no logical basis for their fears, but that knowledge does very little to curb their stress. People begin to fear social situations of all kinds, and that fear can become a source of the anxiety all by itself. If your fears become so intense that they get in the way of your daily life, it is time to talk to your doctor about an effective treatment plan.

Social Anxiety Treatments

Treatment for social anxiety is usually multi-fold and encompasses both psychotherapy, medication or preferably natural treatments, such as herbal supplements or anxiety self help programs. The best medications for social anxiety tends to be selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. There are also natural supplements, that can ease symptoms too, such as Provanax.

Another treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy which teaches those with social anxiety to modify their thought processes to reduce the fear involved with social situations. The combination of psychotherapy and medication allows many social anxiety sufferers to enjoy less anxiety and a higher quality of life.

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