Are Mild OCD Symptoms A Problem?

Normal or Problem Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Signs

Are you someone that is diagnosed with OCD or are you someone that is super duper fussy or have little rituals you can’t stop? Many people say to me that I must be obsessive compulsive and I agree that maybe I am just a little bit. My house is spotless and cleanliness is my second name, however, I do not perform rituals or get upset if something isn’t done on time!

Mild OCD Symptoms

Therefore my very mild OCD symptoms are not a problem. It doesn’t affect my life.

If OCD is affecting your life, then don’t ignore the symptoms. They may well and truly have an effect on your mental health or life in general. Although mild OCD symptoms are usually too subtle to become a problem, they can worsen over time when not addressed with the proper care.If you notice your child with OCD then seek help immediately.

Furthermore, even the mildest OCD symptoms can become very intense if a person is constantly subjected to stress, fatigue and anxiety. For these reasons, it is very important to take notice of these symptoms and to seek help before the situation becomes too severe where your daily life is affected.

Identifying the Symptoms

There are 3 types of OCD spectrum disorders. Obviously you can’t deal with a problem if you don’t know that a problem exists. People telling you you are fussy, is not a cause for alarm. A person labelled a ‘cleanie’ is not necessarily suffering from a mental disorder. A ‘grub’ is not labelled as having a menatl health problem either! So you have to use common sense here.

You need to be observant of your own attitude and behavior in order to figure out if a case of OCD is in the works. It really helps if you can step outside yourself and see how others see you. This will make it easy for you to determine if something about you has changed.

As soon as you even suspect that you may be suffering from mild OCD symptoms, it is recommended that you see a professional. There may be a reason that has triggered it, so better to nip it in the bud before it grows into a huge problem. You may or may not have OCD but it is always better to be sure when it comes to matters of your mental health.

Some people choose to handle OCD on their own, either because they are too embarrassed to admit they have a problem or they don’t want to inconvenience anybody. This is not usually a good idea — it is better to be surrounded by supportive and understanding friends or family, than try and tough it out on your own.

Can It Be Treated With Alternative Remedies

Traditionally, OCD symptoms are treated with the use of therapy and/or medication. Recently, though, the use of alternative remedies for the treatment of OCD has become quite popular. Many people have enjoyed immense success from using alternative remedies for OCD but some are still hesitant to use these treatments because of the lack of scientific evidence to back up the anecdotal proof.

OCD Symptom Relief

If you are interested in using alternative or homeopathic remedies for OCD symptom relief, you can certainly discuss the options with your doctor.


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  1. I think that is find as long as it will not affect any from simple one simple thing! Everyone can improve without treatment and that’s it – you’re SAFE 😀

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Antoinette,

      I like your positive attitude…that everyone can improve without treatment…although there are many people that would love to think they could, but they can’t.

      Unfortunately there are OCD cases that require lots of tender loving care and special treatment. I would love to think all natural would be the solution, but again, that doesn’t always happen either.

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