Anxiety Herbs Used For Treating Anxiety Symptoms

Herbal Remedies For Anxiety Attack

If you suffer with anxiety symptoms you may wish to try anxiety herbs for relief. There are also herbal teas for anxiety relief which are easy to have on hand. A hectic lifestyle is a common reason why people experience stress, which in turn can cause an anxiety sufferer to deal with panic and anxiety attacks. You can get so caught up in your responsibilities at work and home that you seldom have time to breathe and relax.

Anxiety HerbsThere are alternative anxiety treatments available, if you do not want to take commercial medications. These medications come with negative side effects as you probably are aware.

One alternative option is to use anxiety herbs.

Anxiety herbs can help you relax after even the most stressful day and they can be very effective.

Although herbal remedies for panic attacks and anxiety are usually available over the counter, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before you begin taking any of them. This is particularly important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are currently taking prescription medications.

You might also want to be extra careful if you are allergic to certain herbs. If you are taking anxiety medications and want to stop and try natural anxiety supplements or homeopathic herbal remedies, please speak to your doctor first! There are some medications you just can’t stop taking…you have to come off them very slowly! You can however, begin to take anxiety herbs alongside your current medication with your doctor’s advice.

What Are Some Anxiety Herbs?

When it comes to anti-anxiety herbs, Valerian has always been one of the best-selling ingredients all across the country. It is so popular because of its effectiveness and speed of action. It is said that Valerian can dispel most of the symptoms of anxiety after less than hour, although that depends on the person.

It is also great to use before bedtime as it helps you fight the problems of insomnia. Valerian helps you sleep more peacefully throughout the night, and to wake up feeling refreshed and completely anxiety-free in the morning.

Another favorite among the many anxiety herbs is the L-theanine, which is usually taken from green tea extracts. Unlike most artificial ingredients, L-theanine does not cause drug dependency. This means you can use it as often as you need to without worrying that you might become addicted to it.

Rounding up our list of top herbal preparations for anxiety is Kava Kava. Kavalactone, the active ingredient in this herb, is so potent that new users of the drug are recommended to use it only 3-4 times a week. That should be enough to eliminate the symptoms of anxiety and to prevent the next anxiety attack even before it starts.

For more effective anxiety herbs, you can read my ProVanax review. It is a natural anxiety supplement that actually contains all these anxiety herbs!

Just remember to check with your doctor before you begin to use any new treatment if you are on prescription medication.

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  1. I am looking for a natural remedy or herbal medicine to help me with anxiety attacks. I don’t feel like I need to see a doctor as I do have a friend that has a real problem and I don’t feel like they do. I just want to be able to relax a little more when I am out (and I don’t want happy drugs or alcohol to soothe my nerves).

    I see a product advertised, but do you have more information on it? Or is it just a banner ad?

    • Jennifer Johnson says

      Hi Jeremy,

      Yes, I do have more information on it. I have written a review on this natural supplement and have been promoting it for years. In that time I have only ever received positive feedback. You can read more about it here: Review of Provanax

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