A Panic Attack Herbal Remedy Is A Natural Way To Keep Calm

Natural Panic Attack Herbal Remedies

Many of us suffer from panic attacks every single day and many of us look for a panic attack herbal remedy. Some of these attacks don’t last too long while others last for several hours. If these more severe cases of panic attacks are left untreated for a long time, they can trigger many other psychological and emotional problems that can eventually destroy a person’s life.

Most people who suffer from panic attacks take conventional medication instead of herbal remedies. However, these modern prescription drugs actually are built upon the premise of what natural extracts from herbs can do.

Lemon Balm

One of the most popularly recommended panic attack herbal remedies is the lemon balm tea. It comes in the form of tablets and tinctures and is normally taken 2 to 3 times a day. Extracted from a plant that looks similar to the mint, lemon balm contains bioactive compounds that work very well as antioxidants and anti-hemorrhoidals. Regular use of this herbal remedy gives you a feeling of overall relaxation and reduces the risk of further panic attacks.


Another highly effective and immensely popular panic attack herbal remedy is lavender. For centuries, extracts from the lavender plant have been used for warding off depression, anxiety and fatigue. Today, lavender is a top ingredient in many lotions, creams and perfumes.

Using these products will enable you to feel more rested and free from stress. If you are already having a panic attack, all you have to do is inhale the scent of lavender and you will feel a lot calmer within minutes.

Passion Flower

Still another well-known herbal remedy is the passion flower. Among its many health benefits is the ability to lower blood pressure, relax the nervous system and eliminate stress and anxiety. Passion flower contains high levels of flavanoids that have been used to calm down the nerves and to pacify the tremors that typically occur during a panic attack.

Years ago, these herbs were used in their raw form to treat panic attacks but today, you can conveniently get them in the form of tablets or oils in your local pharmacy. Furthermore, combinations of these herbs have also been formulated to get the maximum benefits from each one from just a single capsule.

If you are averse to taking any form of medication, natural or otherwise, you can also make use of other panic attack home remedies. Some effective treatments include neck massages, daily exercise, eating a balanced diet and regular meditation.

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